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Rem (レム)
Evadare is almost finished, I'm working on the last and final update of this mod, which will change many things and add 2 new bonuses to the Void chapter, I will also fix and make small changes in previous chapters
What Exactly Will Change
Effect 1 and Melody 2 problem in Evadare
Bonuses file sizes
Evadare third bonus icon
Better credits
Better menu
Second bonus soundtrack in Evadare
Some bonus scenes in Xrun and Evadare
Some sound fixes in Void
Some sprites fixes in all chapters
App icon
Icon fixes in all chapters
Elk and Ahoy will have second loop in Xrun
Aughjaiuruskk and Nightmare will have second loop in Void
Rem (レム)
Enjoy the new The Bells update! in 3.0 version lot of things changed, check it out!
The Bells 3.0 Release
2023 update was focused more on the bonuses and  the characters designs, now all of it looks fresh and not old
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