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Rem (レム)
Find list of frequently asked questions and responds to it, so you wont need to ask me private to know about something, and save time~
Rem (レム)
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 Videos Questions 

   Why it take so long?

Because making special videos like Animations, experiments, etc... take a lot of time to make, and other videos too, actually. My life is hard and because lack of time make it harder, but Im trying as much as I can

   Can I make remix of your mod?

This is not a problem! I really like and enjoy when people make remixes or animations about my projects

   Why videos are late?

I mostly post videos very late at night, because only then I have free time to do something, time zones are different, so for some people it can be morning or middle of the night

   Can I use music from your mod to my video?

Sure! using my music in your videos is okay, but you need to credit me and prove that this music is not yours

   Can I imitate your style?

Im not really good if people copy my style or are too much inspired, so if you are doing something like this, its alright but you must credit me and say that you are inspired in my style

   Why sometimes videos are premiere?

when videos is a premiere, it means it will be something very special, for example new mod release

 Server Questions 

   What is Discord Server?

Its special server in Discord app, you can join mine and chat with people who are also fan of my projects, you can also chat with me

   Why I only need to use English?

to make the server more clean and understandable, you must use this language, it is very easy to understand, and if you want to chat in other languages, you can use a special channel for this created

   Is it free?

yea! you can download and join my server for free, but if you want to boost my server, it cost, but you will get special role and permissions after doing it

   How to join? 

Its very easy, link to my Discord Server you can find everywhere!

   Is Discord the only way to contact with you?

Actually no, you can also DM me on Twitter, or use Email, but in my opinion Discord is the best option because Im always active there

   Why I can't join?

If you joined my server and disappeared, then you must have broken the rules or done something wrong so you got kicked/banned from my server

   How to got unbanned?

when you got banned and can't go back but you found out and realized your behavior was bad, you can ask me on other platforms and explain everything, so I can decide and unban you, but if the scale of this behavior was really bad like sending illegal content and frequent server rule violations every time, chances are you will never be unbanned

 Other Questions 

   What is your main language?

my main language is Japanese, I was born in Japan but I had to move to Poland in 2018

   Can I be friends with you?

No problem! everyone can be friends with me, and we can spend time together

   When you have Birthday?

I have birthday in May 18, Im going to turn 19 this year 2023, also Im always mentioning my birthday everywhere, so you dont need to remember it~

   What is your favourite food?

My favourite food is Sushi, I also like Fries a lot, and of course pizza

   What is your favourite color?

my favourite color is Blue, but I also like Pink, the best it looks when you add dark theme to it

   Are you good at art?

sadly Im not, but Im trying to learn, I only can make graphic, but its not art
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